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It takes 20 years to build up credit and only five minutes for your person to sing, you'll do things differently if you think about it.

Warren buff

(like -: it takes years of hard work to make a tree fruitful, but it takes only a few minutes to cut it off.)

just standing and looking at the water will make it harder to jump into the river. Always remember that your own resolution to success is more important than any other will.

Abraham Lincoln

(the thousands of vain resolutions are better than wasting your energy to focus completely on the resolutions to succeed.)

If you want success, just do what you love and believe you will be successful. David frost The harmony of the mind is seen in the face.

Kush (author)

Lion fought the dog; it is wise for the lion to fight the tiger.

Kush (author)

All life is an experience, the more experiments you make, the better it is of staying young

Ralph Waldo Emerson

the secret is to live honestly, eat slowly, and not age.Luscious hair To learn as long as to live because experience is the best teacher in this world.

Swami vivekananda

difficult is a thing which seems beautiful until we have focus on our own goal.

Hanry ford

(when we focus completely on the goal, all the trouble is wind around.)

the diamond is to be tested. So wait for the darkness, for even the pieces of glass shine in the sun.


Prostitutes, war and mountains look good from a distance, are bound to suffer much.


When you have heads in the heart of the khali, don 't be afraid of mussel.


Don 't burn another' s hut to put your pipe on. unknown Put your trust on yourself and strength becomes weakness.

Lord Krishna

The face of a person at the age of 20 is nature 's gift; the face of a person at the age of 30 is a result of the ups and downs of life. But the face that occurs at the age of 50 years is earned by a man.


The land is good, the soil is good, but if the water is salty, the flowers may not bloom, the feeling may be good, but the relationship does not last if the word is not good.


Don't be afraid and nervous when things go wrong in life, because when it starts bursting, those who don't know how to cook cheese are afraid.


Give in and be false You can 't really afford to poison or you can' t really give it.

Shiv srivastava

After death, this is the bitter truth of life up to the wife house, to the cremation ground, to the son agni Dan, only to your karmic god.


Don't share big dreams with small - minded people who ask for advice to be able to be able to understand your big dreams. Because audi wants to be used so don't ask the rickshaw person.

Dr. ujjawala patani


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