Motivation stories in English

pablo Picasso was walking down a street in New York, a woman struck him, the woman identified - you are pablo Picasso - I recognized you - she started running and came with a piece of paper and gave it to pablo's hand.

 And he said: Sir, you're a giant painter. Can you draw some sketches for me, he took out the paper and took the pen. he drew the sketch and gave it to the lady.

 He made a sketch in just 30 seconds. And said: for you, this is a painting of 50 million women can't believe how it's possible that this 30 second painting of 50 million went to the woman. And asked her rate at three to four places.
The buyers said: this is the painting of the pablo Picasso, the woman said: yes, this is the painting of the pablo Picasso.

 The woman said: how much will you buy? She said: madam, at least five million we can give it, the woman was shocked and she discovered what the pablo Picasso said, and in search of her and she went to the pablo Picasso.
And he said: Sir You recognised me I was the same lady I met you and you drew a painting for me of rupees fifty lakhs in 30 seconds, Sir.
Pablo said I know I have made it. He said: I want to learn how to make five million paintings in three seconds. Pablo then said: see friends painting made up of 50 million in 30 seconds but it took me 30 years to build it.
Moral:- practice makes a man parfect. That means you have to practice consistently with patience, dedicated to your goal and be strong. If someone seems to be making you one million in a day, know the history of how many years of her life she has dedicated to doing that work. Only then can you achieve the goal you want. See you again with the next such inspiration story

Clash of the musician Jimmy

When he was born, his father was serving in the army and the situation became such that Jimmy 's father could see him after a long time.
One interesting thing is that Jimmy' s father was himself a good jazz dancer. But this hobby was not professional.
Even after coming back from armi. He spent a lot of time looking for a good job. And when Jimmy was nine, his parents separated.
 He went away. Then at the age of fifteen Jimmy lost his mother forever. Grief had become part of his life. But there was one thing that always amused Jimmy and he was his guitar. Right from the age of 15 Jimmy had made a friendship with the guitar, and this guitar was always his best and most truthful friend.
Then, when he was the goal of pulling down hard diciplin in the arm and the leg of his companion, and even when he was struggling to become a musician, the guitar worked to give him comfort all the time, the great electric gittarius in the world counts today.
He also worked with many well - known museums of his age, but no one could hold them for long. It is called. They had created some amazing music with high rock, jazz, and blues that the listeners were enchanted. The sad thing is that this unique musician was only 28 years old said goodbye to the world.
 The last of them. And it was only 3-4 years before he died on this 8 - year - old journey. Because before this people could not understand his experiments. After they left the world, people came to know that those experiments of Jimmy, which were so carefully discarded, were actually the master piece of music.
 Music experts and experts from all over the world today find Jimmy 's writings peerless.

Moral:-What a life of Jimmy was facing. His parents parted when he was young. His mother had passed away, thinking that after so much hardship and struggle, gandhiji stood firm in his mission, even though the world recognized him late, but he had fought with the world. Success will come one day or the other to see you struggling in life and staying firm in your goal.

Biography of lines torwalids

Linens Benedict torwalids are American software engineers. They are historically known as the leading developer of a Linux kernel. Linux was named after the open source operating system. He also created distributed version control system git and he was awarded the millennium technology price for open source operating system for computer, software Linux.

Teaching from the university of Helsinki

Between 1988 to 1996 lineus also acquired a master 's degree in computer science from Helsinki university, in 1989 his studies were hamstring because he had to undergo a 11 - month officer training course to complete the mandatory military service in Finland. In 1990 he started studying again where he got to know about Unix.

At the age of 11

every lins per program computer was started at the age of 11 when he initially started programming on komodore vic -20 computers in basic, but later he did not use assembly language directly in machine code. After vic -20, the synclair ql was purchased in which he made changes to the operating system.

Operating systems made in the name of

The first prototype of Linux was released in 1994. Initially linos torwalds wanted to have their project name frames, but their friend landmark asked them to name lines-name lines-all supercomputers around the world work on the same operating system and Linux has become a necessity for it sector as well.

Met - mulanvelocity (co-founder of the wordpress)


Mate capital was born in Houston Texas in the United States on 11 January 1984. He established the famous open source web software world press.

The world press is an open source software that allows you to create website blogs and apps.

You may be surprised to learn that wordpress handles nearly 30% of the Internet run website, that behind the success of the software, there is the hard work and perseverance of met mulruvelocity, whether he has worked hard or whether mulan velocities has been blotting since its university time.

Mulan was creating wordpress source code together with his friend mike litle. She launched this code of the year 2003.
Then, on account of this, he left the institute on a 1-year basis with an Internet technology cnect in California's San Francisco and joined it in 2009, he was also a good photographer along with a software developer called automatic.

He says that he wants to create a group of wordpress users that can link all of them for the next 20 to 25 years.

 They also participate in world - wide wordpress which is becoming a tool for attracting bloggers and developers.
 The motivation of the user can only give you the momentum to move forward.

The success of vasim jaffar


The former opener, vasim jafar, did not play a long innings at the international level before the Indian cricket team, but made a separate role in a household kicket. Especially in the ranji trophy, his names are numerous records.

 The struggle in reaching this place did not go down. Jafar 's father was a bus driver born in mumbai. His father's dream was to play cricket, for the country, at least one of his four sons. The financial condition of the house was not good.

His mother did many things including pickling. Jaffrees also used to help make pickles. He played cricket for several hours before and after the arrival of jaffar school.

At the age of 18 he was included in the mumbai ranji team. He played 15 runs in the first cricket match.
This was the first time when a batsman wrote a triple century for mumbai out of ground.
In the light of good show, jafar got a chance to win a test against South Africa in February 200 in mumbai.
 He also played his last test against South Africa. Scored five centuries in his 31 test of career with two double centuries.

Even though international careers did not go too long, home cricket made runs with his bat. The name of jafar is the record of playing 156 matches in the ranji trophy.

 12,038 runs highest in ranji, 40 centuries and 200 catch records are also named by him.

 Duleep trophy also has the most record of 2545 and Iranian trophy 1294 runs. He was member of the 10 times ranjit winning team.

 Recently the coaches of uttarakhand team have been appointed.

Moral:-No matter how long one tries to stop the obstacles if something seems to be going on in the mind, one can achieve the goal. In the life of vasim jafar also there were many struggles but he continued his journey. In spite of his poor financial condition, he did many jobs in reselling and pickling. Some people try to make excuses but those who have true desires for their goal get the way.


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