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Better company will make your life better


Your company should be good. Because your consistency determines whether you will be able to achieve your goal or not, you will see that you will be with 6 boatmen for some time, and that you will find that you will be unworthy after one time, and that you will find that the fourth gentleman is you.

Good company is always happy. Mahavira karna had many such qualities which do not belong to everyone, he was a knight, a disciple of parasurama and a master of many weapons and war skills, but he died very badly because he took the side of sin, that is, duryodhana was in bad company.

Just as drops of water falling into the tail, when drops of water falls into the ship, when the leaf of the banana falls on the leaves, it becomes a camphor and if the same falls into the mouth of the snake, then it becomes a poison; the water is the same, but you should also be in good company.

That develop your life. And if you are in bad company, change your company immediately, as vibhishana realised that ravana was wrong, he changed the company and the world changed, even if the world called him an enemy of the house, but that brought the good of the whole world and ravana.

Go ahead in life and achieve the success. Don't worry if you have failed today because when you succeed tomorrow you'll learn more about two things than people who succeeded the first time. Work hard and achieve success and you will certainly succeed, think of nelson mandela being the President of a country in which he could be the President of the country despite his imprisonment.

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