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Why ram ji put a stop on laughter


Once upon a time, after the exile of 14 years, when Lord shri ramchandra ji 's kingdom had become anointed. One day, when the festival of joy was in progress, a person at the gathering laughed loudly at the performance of a dancing girl, listening to the laughter and remembering the story of the battle of ravana. When he cut down the masts of ravana into the sky, he made his forehead fall down laughing at the sight of the dreadful teeth. Rama would move about the same scene before his eyes whenever he heard anyone laugh. Therefore, rama ordered that no one in our kingdom would laugh.

The laughter that would have been put to the end of the laugh, and now everyone ceased to laugh, for fear of the punishment of rama, the kingdom and the country, for all the years went on and on, the god of joy, who lived in the heart, went to indra and said, 'to us thakur ji has put a curse on us. The order of creation requires laughter and this would lose enthusiasm. Work will become a burden in its absence, o devinder, the gods of laughter have gone from earth how can you do something? Indra then sat on his fire vehicle airavat and went to brahma ji.

And this thing told by brahma ji, he thought: by preaching to rama or doing something else his law law can't be cancelled, so now he can rest in ram only, he had a plan. He immediately got into the fold of a large peepal tree on the threshold of ayodhya and he began to laugh at the strength of those who came from the path and felt tired under the peepul tree. Now the peepal tree has its own importance, and fatigue subsides under the peepal tree faster than the other trees, and wisdom becomes rich. When he came under a tree, he laughed at the peepul tree, and he entered the city with laughter and a load of wood; now it is the principle that if you smile at the front, you are happy if you don 't have any reason to smile at you.  on the way back to the village, the peepul might smile again.

Seeing the soldier standing at the crossroads, the soldier also started laughing. When the soldier went to the court, he remembered the woodcutter 's laughter and laughed. Now that laughter is contagious, so everyone in the assembly laughed loudly when the soldier is laughing... Seeing all the people laughing, ram ji also started laughing.
 Rama immediately stopped laughing and thought as if the other people had laughed, why did I laugh, but after a moment rama again laughed and could not stop laughing even if he tried to do everything. Rama asked the people why you laughed. The people of ramji 's assembly said, "we were laughing at the sight of the soldier," the soldier said, "I laughed at the wood."

Hundreds of thousands went to cut the trees, but while he was sitting in it, he sent them to sumani, lava - kusha and satrugna, but he heard that sumantra and lukkush and satrugna 's chariots had mounted him, and that he heard that rama went to the refuge of guru vasishtha and he called valmiki ji for a solution, when he told him what he said, if you could stop laughing at people for ever, it would be a great calamity. Everything in nature has its own importance. You may take action that makes god and man happy, there is nothing greater than a happy, propitiating laughter to all, oh raghunandana, the best - - the face of which always looks cheerful and the face of which is always angry, lakshmi devi is ever displeased with him.

So, please accept my point. And get rid of laughter right away. Ramaji accepted valmiki 's point of view and said, munnivar, as you say is the same thing, has stopped his laughter and his people were filled with joy again. Remember, if there's a stress-relieving medication in life, it's a smile. It's impossible that some workers work so hard to build a house, and they do it in no way. For all the workers who work with him make fun of themselves. And life learning should live like fun. This is where friends meet on the next story. We shall again reaffirm our lives through some new stories and stories.

Slaughter of varatasur


Once upon a time. Chitrasen, a king, had many queens. Among them was a queen who loved the king very much, and each of them had a son. Some of the kumas. were badly affected and they added poison to the milk and poisoned the child and the boy died. The raja was greatly distressed, the mother who had given poison also began to cry a lie, so devarshi narada came. Whatever narada may say to the world, he may say, but every act of narada gives rise to the world.
Narada guided dhruva and prahalad maharaj and his name became immortal in the world. Narada ji explained to chitraketu, who has died, he has come at the feet of god, so he who is dead, crying for him very much, he is not going to come to meet him, should cry for him. I have not done anything for god 's sake till now; I have not had a vision of god nor should I have the benefit of crying for another. Thereafter chitraketu led the king to the Banks of the river yamuna and gave the word of narayana. For many years the king chants the mantra. Chitraketu came to see the rest of narayana. God made him his helper. The state of vidyadhar folk is bestowed upon him.

The king of vidydharo is ketu. Once upon a time chitraketu, the king of vidyadhara, moved on a plane and came to kailash. Kailash siddha is the abode of the great men. And his guru is the Lord shankar. Kailash has many vegetation which does not feel thirsty for 12 years and does not feel hungry for 12 years. On the same day when kailaketu arrived at kailash, a large gathering of siddhas arrived at the place of the President, Lord shanker was in charge of the present Siva, the divine form of the day, who had embraced parvati in her lap. One reason for this is the reason that Cupid came to fight with shiv ji was that shankar said that once I had burnt you, your wife cried a lot, then I gave you a living from the ashes. Did you forget.

Cupid said, 'I have not forgotten but I have a little doubt in my mind that you had come to fight in samadhi when you were sitting. You got burnt when our eyes opened. War should not be fought when the enemy is careful, but war should be done when the enemy is unaware.
 Lord shankar said, then what is your wish now?
 Cupid said, why do you sit away from the mother parvati?
 Lord shankar said, what is your wish? Cupid said, when you give a hug to parvati, I shall shoot an arrow, and if you have a bad heart, I shall admit that you are mahadeva, and if you feel any disorder, I shall have become mahadev. Lord shankar said, I also complete my wish with the arrow.

Lord shankar is sitting in a hug to parvati. Then Cupid strikes the arrow, Lord shankar is sitting in a embrace of parvati, and Cupid kills the arrow. Cupid shot many arrows in order to create disorder in the mind of parvati. Sankara parvathi was tranquil; Cupid was convinced that Lord Siva, who was subject to action, was the jiva which was never under the work, he is god. Lord shankar is not god, god is the god of gods, mahadeva, while drawing ketu without knowing the situation condemned Lord shankar and said how he was sitting in the house. This is not embellished with parvati Chitraketu began to condemn shiva, but he did not like his mother parvati, and the mother parvati cursed him in anger. Then he asked his mother for forgiveness and prayed to him. Then the mother felt pity. Mother said, after one birth you will be rescued and the same thing happened to the king chitraketu, vrudhasura.

Indra went to his palace to kill vajra The war continued between indra and asaur for 1 year and finally indra cut the head of vajra with vajra and got rid of the vritrasura. And vritrasur went to the abode of god. From which the jiva does not care for birth and death, if he does not see parvati and Lord shankar in action, he will not suffer today. It is god who knows the events of the world. And he doesn 't give any feedback on the situation.


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