children story Book

      Showing of jackal cause death

Once a hungry thirsty jackal was wandering in the forest, he found some stray dogs wandering in the village. When the jackal saw the jackal, the jackal was frightened, and the jackal turned back to the house of a washerman while running. The jackal went into the house and found nothing clear to him because of darkness, and he fell into a pool of blue water.

The blue waters had been kept by the washerman to dye their clothes. The jackal was fully blue, and a strange creature seemed to have crossed the back of the forest.And all the animals looked at him and wondered who this strange creature was, and they all spoke to one another. This creature seemed to be an angel.And, out of them, the king of the jungle said that you look like an extraordinary angel, you can assume the position of the king of the jungle and make him the king of the jungle

The jackal served the jackal well. Now the jackal 's life was very happy. He did not need to hunt for food.Once all the animals in the forest brought up a good meal and served the jackal, a group of jackals came up from the forest and fell upon the beasts of the forest, the animals in the forest went to the jackal and asked for help.

The rabbit said, your king will kill us all that jackal should protect us, and they will kill us all, but who knew that he was a jackal, not an odd angel. He thought to himself, if I told them who I was, they would kill me. All the creatures of the forest fled for their lives, but the jackal, who was curious. He was compelled to fight the gang of jackals and fight the group of jackals invaded him and cut him into pieces.

Moral:- That is, it is education that one should be happy in one 's own reality. There is no need to pose or pose, or else you will never find the truth to be true, and you will never find yourself escaping from the truth and wrapped up as a jackal. Accept what you are. There is no need to pretend you because showing is the only cause of sadness

    Greed is the cause of destruction


Once, owing to the drought in the country, the crops were destroyed due to lack of rain and people began to die of love, and poor birds began to suffer from hunger and thought that they should now move to the mountains.

Among the mountains were a group of birds, which reached the top of a mountain after the day 's flight. They did not find what they had to eat, even when they ran about, to fill their bellies with a little water.

One of the birds was very smart in the party. When he had to cross his hunger he went alone to the forest. One of the forest was to find a large street going to the city. The bird saw that a large cart full of grain was driving down the town.
When the bird saw the grain dropping, he was glad that he would get some bread for the hungry and he was happy. This was how the bird whose group was craving a grain.

She said, 'no, she' ll enjoy this life alone. She wouldn 't let anyone know that there had been enough food in it all day.

Just then he left for the bus, said the bird.

You may be hiding something from us, said the king of birds.
Bird - otherwise, what should I hide from my retinas?

Bird, if you want to listen, listen, I went to the forest in search of my food.

Chiranajyou got much but not allowed to eat, because in that forest the hunters are in great speed and there are hawk - birds in which there was no chance of eating.

In the meanwhile, the situation has become quite bad.

The bird was disappointed and the bird knew that his arrow had been sitting on the target. What he had spoken was successful. She picked up the food - grains lying on the street alone and stooped to steal.

She wondered what it was like to be with these hungry people, greed blinks every creature; it was like the bird, getting blinded by greed and leaving her relatives, and she sat down in the morning on the road to which she had cart full of grain.

The grain carts began to move, and the bird picked up the grains on ran road, and in great greed, the blind bird found that behind the road from which she picked up the grain.

And she went on collecting in the cave of the hill, and she was too blind to be tempted.

When he saw many grains scattered on the road, his greed increased.

She picked them up as quickly as she sent them to the cave and then bell carts coming from behind had come to her head.

Then he came to know that she could come and die under him, and he was all - attentive to them. She wanted to collect more and more grains and become rich. Some of the cartmen were kind and they saved the bird.

But a driver was growing up in a sound sleep he did not even look along the road, and the bird was busy collecting grains with its joy. Just then the car climbed over the bird and she got crushed under bell 's feet. When the bird did not return in the evening, the king of his troop felt very anxious about it when they went in search of him in the morning, and saw that bird 's body curled up in the street.

Why did the chidrarjah say to us, that there was plenty of hunters and hawks, and then there is not much to eat? The king of the bird said, "greed is a terrible disaster,"

Moral-: Result of avarice really blinds the creature and cause death.

   The foolish donkey

 There lived a dhobi named karpurpataka in Benares. He had a       donkey who battered hands in his work. Besides this, there was a  dog who used to guard the clothes of the ghat and the house at night.

One night the washerman and his wife were sleeping befictedly that
The dog and the donkey were both tied up in the courtyard. As soon as they saw the thief, he got out of the dog.

He said: look, the friend is entering the house of the thief's boss. So what do I do then?

You must wake up the owner, o fool, barking loudly, to guard his property against the thief, the donkey said angrily.

Don 't you have a dog? You do not worry about my work.

The reason should not interfere with the work of others.

Do you not know that even after I have protected the owner 's house day and night, our master feels no gratitude for my service.

Now it has stopped giving me food in time, and I have decided that I am not going to do anything unless it is harmful.

Hearing the dog, the donkey shouted, hey, hello. However, a servant who, when employed, puts before his true master, cannot be called a faithful servant. The master is going to be in trouble, and you think that he is going to profit you, and that he is afraid, and that he is afraid.

"The dog - the owner who speaks to the servants when he is ready and thinks he needs them is not good. For it is his master 's duty to take care of his servants' sorrows, but our master is an excellent man who feeds the milk when he has a self - interest, and when he makes a point, he is ill to make happy bread."

Hearing the dog 's words, the jackal became angry. He red-lipped his eyes and said, you are a sinner. "Who is more wicked in this world than he who does not use his master in times of distress? It is I who will try to wake up the master, though you may humble yourself today.

What had happened again. The donkey started howling loudly. But where the dog and where the donkey. The thief had run away, but on hearing his shrill and innocent voice, the washerman 's sleep was spoiled.

He felt very angry. He got his baton and broke it down on him. The furious washerman began to kill the donkey, thoughtlessly. He killed the donkey in a rage and made him half - dead.

Moral-: It is, therefore, said that no work should be done indiscriminately and in haste. Should not interfere in the jurisdiction of others.

    Grasping pundit


In a village in magadha, there lived a learned pundit. They told the story of the bhagavatha. He was respected in the village. People discussed important matters with him and took guidance. Once panditji was called upon by a minister of state from the capital.

The pandit crossed the river - boat of the village and reached the capital. Holding him, the minister said, I have heard enough praise for your knowledge. I want you to come here every day and tell the story of the bhagavatha for a few days to me and my relatives.

The latter gladly agreed. Everyday he crossed the river and went to tell the story of the bhagavatha to the minister. One day, when the pandit was crossing the river, a crocodile took his head out of the water and said, panditji. I will give you a lot of money.

Saying this he took out a diamond necklace from his mouth and handed it to the pandit.

Pandit ji just forgot to see the necklace that he has to tell the story to the minister. From then on, he would tell the story to the gharial and every day the crocodile would give him diamonds.

One day the boatman saw them laughing. When the pandit asked him the reason for laughing, he said, 'I am laughing because you have taken so much of the knowledge of the arguments only to preach to a crocodile. I laughed when I saw the consequence of your knowledge.

Pandit was ashamed of his greedy nature and never went to tell the story to the ghadials.

Moral-: Common sense eliminates the dignity of a knower by breaking the dignity of knowledge

      True student

A guru lived in a forest far away from the village. He had a large ashram where many students studied. With the word of the guru, all the vedas and the shastras were heard and imbibed. There were several milch cows in the ashram. When the period of study was over, the guru one day sat down before him and giving initiation and blessings to.

You are my beloved and intimate. "I want you to take a cow to your house, one by one, as a gift from me. and I am very pleased with the spirit of service you have offered to me as a student." " Right on hearing this disciples
The donkeys were lost. Soon after he had picked up a rope of his choice and forced him to leave the fluids.

The teacher called him near and asked him, "son. Why are you standing quiet Do you need not, Sir, please add his hand and say: I don 't want any cows here. I want only blessing which you have bestowed on me." At the time of hearing the grateful words of the disciple, the guru became overwhelmed with emotion. He passed his hand over the pupil 's head. He said, 'now I give you in all the songs of the ashram.

I shall serve you wherever you may leave the guru and the ashram. As soon as the pupil wanted to put his head at the feet of the teacher, he made fast enough to hold it to his chest when all the disciples looked at each other 's face.

    Jackal that cleverness

In a forest known as brahmarya there lived an elephant named karpar tilak. He was big and strong. Wherever he passed, the birds and animals would hide in order to save his life.

He had trampled many animals and birds under his feet in great distress.

All animals thought of the means to escape from that elephant. No way he thought of killing an elephant. But an old jackal, who was terrified of the elephant, did so. What happened is that the timid jackals exchanged among themselves to save an elephant

Every one suggested some measure, but no measure was effective. An old jackal gazed at this
I said my brothers. Your own measures are fatal, therefore, they cannot be implemented. But I promise that I will kill the elephant by sending him away. "but how? Can an old jackal kill a powerful elephant? 'all jackals said in chorus.

yes could kill, his conscience and wisdom
If you are in or out of your system as a parent. Remember that no action can be done that is impossible. Even in my method, I am likely to die, but I am very old.

It is no matter if I were to die in saving my own relatives. This act of mine will blot out the name of the dogy, the coward and the coward on the jackal family. I will vanquish the elephant and change his history.

I shall prove that jackals are not bushy and timid, but in time they beat even an elephant - like animal.

I just want you guys to cheer me up. All right there. If you succeed in killing an elephant, we will accept you as sardar. 'the next day he came to the house of an old and wise jackal, and with all due respect, said, hail Lord of camphor tilak. I have come to you as the representative of all the animals to say something. Say, without hesitation.

All the birds and animals of this forest have held a meeting and have passed a resolution to make you the king of brahmarya.

Since the present emperor sher singh cannot dispose of his duties properly, he has been removed from his office and has been nominated as king, for after sher singh you are the ruler of the forest. You are endowed with all the qualities that an emperor should possess. So accept the offer of the wild animals and accept the king 's post. We have organized a grand event in this fastival.

Please be pleased to be present there. The auspicious moment is about to begin. The elephant rejoiced at the old jackal 's talk. He had been caught in jackal 's guile, keeping rationalism at his best. He was blinded when he wanted to become an emperor. He was proud of his fate that sher singh was being removed from the throne and made king. He set off with jackal at once. The elephant and the jackal were both marching merrily. Jackal was taking him along the path ahead where very big swamp.

Elephant was in power so he did not care at all about the levelled or marshy conditions of the land. When his feet got into the swamp he almost sank. He tried hard to get out of the swamp but could not get out. Elephant said to jackal, friend. Save me up. I 'm sinking into a swamp.

The old jackal said, 'you have not used your wisdom, and you have believed in what jackal had said, the dusky and cunning animal, now eat its fruit. Thus the jackals and other animals recovered from the terror of the elephant.

Moral-: Having a large body is not powerful.
He is wiser than wise man. "Such is the final state of the lives of people who oppress others. Today, if not tomorrow, they will have to die."

   Move forward


It was evening when the guru sent madhukanth from the forest to fetch the sticks. As soon as they reached madhukanth they saw a giant demonic shadow. And then honeyguide came back home. There is a monster on the wall of the ashram outside." My teacher said quietly, "what has happened? You fight that monster..." "But he 's five times as tall as me... What is there then? This is my command. With the name of god, madhukanta gradually began to move forward. But what is this.

The wonder The demons began to grow smaller. Honeypreet proceeded further, the demon grew smaller. At last when they reached the wall, he was as tall as madhukanta. The teacher laughed from behind. And he was shocked, don 't teach me what is going on. "I know that this was my shadow," said the boy, "but know that difficulties are nothing more than a shadow. To move forward strongly, difficulties become smaller.

   a brain biggest than buffalo


Budhiram and mad ram were two brothers. Budhiram was the elder brother of those who had studied a little. My younger brother knew Sanskrit alone.
Yet he had nothing to call this wisdom. He had a good sense that he would accept whatever was said to him.

There was much love in the two brothers. The elder brother was married, but he was left to be counted. It was also a strange fact that it was on the day he was about to leave to take, that he had to do something very important about the budhuram 's business, that the greed for wealth sometimes strengthens man. This was the fate of budhiram. To take advantage of thousands of rupees. Now which of the two is left? That was the reason why the Buddha insisted on his intelligence and finally he came to the conclusion that "gouna can bring his brother, so that would be better." Pagalaram should be sent to take gauna and earn money himself. In this way two armies will be converted. 'after this the wise ram called rama, his younger brother, mad, and told him of all his plans, you know, brother, mad, ram. You must finish the task of visiting my in - laws and bringing cows. I earn money from the trader. But keep in mind that going to the in-laws' houses is not good enough to speak much. Just answer, yes or no, as soon as I ask you a question. That 's right brother in law. I shall do as you are commanded

I 'll say nothing more than yes and no.' he said and I got up. The two brothers set off to work. Rama 's father - in - law went and was surrounded by people in - laws. The villagers had come home to receive the guests and asked them to say, "brother. Well, is the people of your village and the people of your home?" Pagulram had been given the same order that you have to answer every question in yes or no.

So he quickly said, "ha... ha.. Everything is fine. Then they asked, "is there a sickness in the house, is your brother sick?" yes, yes. The mad man said. Are you giving him medicine? Are you sick? Yes, everyone was disappointed at the mad rama 's reply. He looked down at rama, and then asked, "is he expected to survive?"

There is no. After hearing this word from paghram 's mouth, everyone wept. Seeing him crying, the pagaram began to weep. Seeing pagaram weeping, he was convinced that there was no hope of his survival for the Gautama who was ill. I spent the whole day crying like this,
Day as soon as he got up in the morning pagaram was willing to bring her bhabhi the the girlfolk her
He said, "we can 't depart our daughter because we know that its
"The husband will not survive until he has left him." Hearing this reply, pagla ram came back from there. As soon as lonley came back to home then elder brother
He asked her, "why brother! I m not your sister in law
"How could she have taken her widow, my brother?" "What the hell are you saying is pagal ram? How can she be a widow when I am alive?" "do I know my brother! So I - every bit of that -
As per your command yes, no. I am answering.

He said, "are you sick?" I said to him," yes.
He said, "are you so sick?" I said so yes.
"There is no hope of being saved," he said. I've
I said no. It is a. Simply "the genius
Hitting hand on forehead and banging his head and
At the same time riding the horse reached the in-laws
I went and explained everything. Due to pagluram
Budhiram took the toll of what everyone had been suffering
I felt sorry. Seeing him alive everybody is very
They were pleased. The old men of the house said: wisdom
The big or the buffalo.
On hearing this, everyone laughed.

   Ram name's swag

The selfish foot. This was the name of the shopkeeper whose shop was full. There was a large crowd of people in the market all the time, and every shopkeeper kept an eye on waiting for its customers. Lala selfish lal, as his name was, did the same thing. He held a rosary in his hand all the time, as he would speak loudly if he saw a customer, 'rama', if he could loot it. He can read and write. Then the sound of the selfish shit would have become too loud. There would have been a curious effect on the minds of the customers: "ram nam, radhe shyam." He was inspired by the religious passion that he used to drag himself towards a selfish excrement shop. There was the loot of rama. It was the selfish act of looting customers with him, and when he entered his shop, he spoke loudly. The religious sentiment was aroused and the selfish mal turned his back straight as the customer asked him for a price, saying, "hail to the king ram chandra." The customer would be caught in their trap and pay the price happily

In this way lala was indulging in selfish pursuits, earning wealth and worshipping god. All day long rama was name and rosary. The Lord was pleased with them, and he appeared with joy, and said, 'selfish things! Your penance has been successful. Now you can ask us for blessing whatever you want. In front of selfish faeces, there was only one self - interest. What else would the selfish man ask god for besides wealth? In fact, he was convinced that the amount of money that his neighbours earned was twice as much as his income, but in a hurry stale stools were turned upside down. "Oh my Lord Me from my neighbour.. You can call it that. Yes... The devotees spoken, please do not hesitate. We will give you some blessings to ask for." "It may well come to pass. Give my neighbor twice as much money as I can." Amen. "the Lord went away saying, and on his way there selfish stuff. My neighbours decided to double the money. Why did my intellect get corrupted. What did I think and what did ho go? It 's all done upside down." The selfish stuff had a foul feeling. He wanted all the wealth of the world to be with me and no one could have it. The selfish devil thought that, "now, if I do not ask god for money, oh Lord, ram ram, and invite the customer and receive money from them, the neighbour would not get anything." No one else could find anything, even if it did destroy its own.

One mistake destroyed the entire family. Then his wife sat the whole night in front of him and prayed to the Lord, praying for forgiveness of her and her husband 's error. Give us a good house, give us money to eat, let our shop go as before. We shall no longer think ill of anybody and say good, it would be good. 'he got up early in the morning and found his house totally new. They're on top of one of them. There are lots of gold COINS in the house. The selfish cat went to his shop and saw that the shop he had left empty at night was full of goods. He sat on his throne and spoke again, "the Lord of the dark, the black man. The beloved of Lord ram... The beloved of Lord ram... The beloved of Lord ram... Ram is the only ram." Then several customers came to his shop. He was selling lots of goods. The money was collected. He had not a rupee till yesterday. Today wealth is wealth.

Do good of others your good would have done.

Don't be too naive

Shobhraj was one of the leading lawyers of the town. Once their old servant had left for some reason, he thought of starting up a new one. He spoke to his friends about the idea of bringing some innocent, simple servants who worked for the house. The next day their friends brought a servant. That was called the bear. He was a bear of name and of work. The lawyer looked at him and said, look, bear! You have a torn dhoti - kurta, and I am going to give you a new uniform. Go inside and wear it." The bear was simple. For the first time he saw the pants, he didn 't know anything about the coat. Where all these clothes were used in his village. The pants. coat Turban.. He could not understand. Now it was the thing that doesn 't die. When he was forced to wear his clothes, he put his legs in the arms of the coat and thrust his legs into his arms, tied the donkey to his waist. As soon as the bear appeared before the lawyer, he laughed so loudly that the tea in his mouth fell out - ha... ha... ha... ha. On seeing the lawyer laughing, the bear asked, thoughtfully. Have we made a mistake?" we have not forgotten you but the bear who will not know that you are wise."

I 'm not a fool, Sir. We are the bear." "Whether you are a bear or a fool would make a difference. Go first take the pant of this arm on his legs and remove the coat from his legs and wear it over the kurta. "after a while, the bear changed his clothes and the lawyer said to him," you have to take care of the house and my office." "It 's up to you to turn away if someone chimes us or says evil." "Which is what you command the government! The bear is only in bondage." 'saying this, the bear lifted the sword which the lawyer drew, and hung it around his neck. The bear was a good honest obedient servant. Bakil served his entire service. He would be ready to act only on one of his instructions.

The advocate sahib was also very pleased with the bear 's work! He had first met such a servant, whenever he got a hint. One day when the brother - in - law came to see him, they said, "you have grown so big you forgot your souls." As soon as he heard them Shouting at him, saale, the man who had come, his blood boiled out of rage. He pulled his sword out of the mayan and struck it against his neck, but it fell away on the other side. "How can we abandon the fellow who abused our master?" he said," The lawyer understood that this was not the fault of the bear. He is a straight man. He has to be loyal to the owner. It is a sin in today 's world to be gullible.

Punish the wicked

Kuwar pratap singh felt that the idea of abandoning the life of a kshatriyas was to enter a brahmin faith that he came to his royal priest pandit shri rama. "Say to kunwar sahib, how did you come? What a feat! I want to make you my guru, that is, I want to enter the brahmin faith now." It is a pleasure that a king should enter our religion, "the pundit made kunwar pratap singh his disciple. From that very day onwards kuvar sahib started serving them. One day when kunwar 's wife came to see him he saw the panditji, beautiful... So beautiful..." Seeing a more beautiful woman than the moon, he felt discontented. As soon as the fire of lust was kindled, he forgot his religious deeds. Early in the morning, he called on kunwar pratap singh and said to him, look, kuwar sahib! You have yet to become my incomplete disciple. "how can he do that?" The wife is said to be of half - ganni in our scriptures. Hell yeah "Then you will till your wife us Charged not in service then till that time not full disciple You will go. You now your wife also guru mantra  Have to take."
"Who is your command chef!" Say keyboard
Pratap singh went away to take his wife. The same
Day morning only they bring wife then pandit ji him
The guru was taken in solitary place to give mantra. However, virgin
Pratap singh also said to him, "all the spells you follow.
Give it right there. We will accept him both." But the panditji did not listen to the virgin, for he was wrong in his mind. All they were saying was to satisfy his lust. The queen was understanding the compulsion of her husband. That master
The mantra was not in favour but also obeyed the husband.
It was his duty. So forced they pandit g
Went in solitary with.
The pandit went to the private chamber and said, look, dear queen!
This land is same as gokul for you and you radha
Be in the form of. So first of all,
Indulgence will have to be espoused."

Prabhas singh was sitting outside listening to all this.
He had already doubted. So their
My ears were at the door. As soon as he attained bhage-vilas
Listen to ki then push the door with full force at the same time
He gave them a break and went in.
"While entering the great summit of ego,
Many vicious killing in law.
That is, I have come from the kingdom of yama,
Ordered that the killing of every wicked living on earth
Do it Erase the name of sinners and protect yourselves against religion.
The sword of the pandit
He cut his head and threw it into the ground.

   As work as you to pay


Both husband and wife were married. In the neighborhood
Because they loved each other. Corresponding love
For they had made each other to enjoy each other.
She took it.
The bride was very clever. He all his from chhabili
The distinction would have been made but never made a distinction.
When I came to chhabili and told her about it, she would come out of rut.
She would say, "sister! What will you tell me. That thing then
I already know that." Thus everything was cut apart.
A few children were gone. Though chabili was deeply distressed at her heart, she was a simple woman. She couldn 't have let him go before a clever woman like her husband. For a long time she suffered the maltreatment of chhabili dhuri. In a very often isolated
How can you take revenge on your insult again and again? She would not praise him for anything better. When she heard what she had said, 'sister! Its me
Already knew it. "In retaliation... Revenge... Revenge... He brither one day
We will take revenge. He takes a pot of sin and sinks it.

He was waiting for a day. Then he came back one day, when his mind had taken revenge. With this plan she reached the bride 's house. No sooner had I gone, she said, my dear sister! You know yesterday is the amuck festival. So the whole pudding has to be prepared tomorrow. The bride asked. "I have come to tell you that you celebrate the festival very well tomorrow." The bride asked, "little sister! This makes the whole pudding and rice pudding. "I may even know that through your mouth." Get up in the morning and take a bath. Sweep home before you take a bath. Take a bath and wash your body with charcoal and wear a necklace of shoes round your neck, unclothed, adding a little ghee to the milk, strain the flour, and fry the whole, but don 't talk to anyone. Just thus it is celebrated full, halwa festival.

Your brother will tell you immediately. This is everything then I already knew it. I was just trying to test you." She smiled and said in a loud voice. I certainly knew. You are going to answer me. "You are going to have the fruits of your pride tomorrow."

Then the wife said to her husband, pranath. Yesterday is the amak gala so I got abound from market to celebrate this festival... muted Get something for it. You also come in the house by tomorrow afternoon. We will make preparations for it together. The bride 's husband brought the festival alike and the bride prepared to celebrate it happily. Getting up in the morning, dhurari had a bath and then smeared the whole body with coal and rubbed his body in a wet, bare body. As soon as the husband saw his wife as a witch, he cried out in anger. Are you a woman or a bangles? How have you been maintaining your position?" Her husband had refused to speak. Hearing her husband 's words, she did not say anything. Her husband became so angry that he started beating her with a stick. That is all... bomb All this was told to me by chabili. I got the punishment for what I had done."

moral-: Never make a mockery of a gentleman in life, do not bother him, for when a gentleman gives up his gentleness and takes revenge, the evil - man will never be able to stand out.

   A fool such too


When one of the jaats had prepared himself for his father 's shraddha, he invited the panditji to perform a sacrifice. Panditji made the jat sit before him and said, look, brother! I would make a sacrifice to your hands for the peace of your father 's soul. It will only be complete if you do everything with the true heart what I tell you. For the peace of my father 's soul I am prepared to do what you will say I will obey you. "the pandit started the sacrifice." take water in the bowl first. The teacher said nothing. "Take a quick gulp of water first." Even the jat spoke like this. "Oh my brother! "I am telling you," the pundit said in disgust. "Come on, my brother. "This is what jat said. Don 't you worry about it? You must have been crazy." The pandit got even more angry. They shouted loudly. Don 't you worry about it? You must have been crazy." Jat shouted in the same way.

Once more, he was so furious that he raised himself to death over the face of a mighty mount and said, 'I am saying,' worship the chuli with water. ' The next time the pandit 's anger began to touch the sky. They were burning in their hearts, and then they crushed the jat and said, 'evil! Your only worship is not to be recited or performed by the sacrifice. "the jat too has pushed the pandit away and said," evil! Your worship is not to be recited and the offering to the fire." In no time they were seated together and fell to the ground. The people of jets were very powerful. What could he do to fight the poor jat? He came home with great difficulty, trying to avoid it and wash his hand. As his wife saw the condition of her husband so ill, torn clothes gave him bleeding.

Hi ram it! What happened to this? What wicked has earned a sin by killing a brahmin." The wife gave a fright. "What a pity! I have been told by the jat whose father was eating shraddha. But even the jat man was so upset that his wife immediately saw him and said, 'alas! What did happen You went to perform shraddha or wrestling fighting. The one who has maintained this. "good luck! Do not ask anything right now. Shraddha was not completed as the pandit had left his meal. It is better that you come to pandit ji 's house and feed him. If not, then my father will not be clean." You're all right! I will go to the panditji 's house right now and give me food. I am here with you." Having said this, the jat 's wife took his food and went to the panditji' s house. The pandit and his wife were already in a fit of indignation. As soon as he saw the jat 's wife coming home, he caught him and started beating him. Even the poor fellow of the jat did not speak out because he had thought that he might do so. Food should be taken only after the performance of the sraddha feast at the brahmin 's house.

When he came back home, his wife came and said, 'look, you see! It is easy to perform sraddha, but it is difficult to feed in the brahmin 's house. I will not be able to forget him for a lifetime that the brahmin and his wife have beaten me." The jat boys laughed and said, look, how blessed are you! I have also met the panditji on the day of shraddha." He showed his red cheeks to the wife." As a matter of fact, this is the blessing of shraddha. The offerings made by brahmans are certainly a tribute to those who are fortunate."

    Avoid stupid


The people of the village sadhapur were very worried when the entire village was suffering from cattle disease and died one by one. The well-behaved men in the village ran to the sorcerers in fear, and cried out their story, and said, 'save us, our cattle are dead and we shall be ruined. We shall perish." When the guru of tantrikko saw so many people crying. Then he said, "heat up the iron bar thoroughly in the fire. When the rod is red, stain it in the animal's body; this will cure the disease of cattle." Taking the tantrik 's word, the villagers came back to their homes. Coming to the village, he started rubbing hot red rods on the sick animal 's body, says the tantrik. The poor animal roared as soon as it got over its body what language could tell us that it was hurting us. One day a pandit came to the village. He slept in the house of the chief at night and began to recite the vedas in the morning. After his recitation he looked and said, alas! What is this? What kind of sin are you guys doing this Ram is ram... This poor fellow would die."

That won 't be true. We don 't know, the tantrik says, that if the animals are to be saved from death, they will have to be heated and ironed and died. "Have you gone mad?" as soon as the panditji spoke angrily, he was coughing up. He fell down on the cot coughing. The villagers gathered together and spoke, "lo pandit also fell ill. Tie them in a ropes and wear warm iron. Give up I am not ill." You are sick. If you can 't cure, you' ll die. "For us is the sin of your death." Saying this he placed two hot salutes on the body of the panditji. "It is the ram that has died." A painful cry came out of the throat of the pandit. Why the teacher! Are you feeling well now? The villagers asked the panditji, 'he said, beating his hand on his forehead. Where did I get stuck in the middle of these faces." When the pandit struck his hand on his forehead, the people of the village thought that he was trying to stick to his forehead. What was the matter then! At the same time the heated bar belonged to panditji, he was placed on his forehead and then asked: 'now I am decided not to open my tongue to them. On seeing him silent, he exclaimed with joy, now he is all right.

Moral-: Stay four hands away from the animal, ten hands from the grumpy, but leave the village itself where the foolish are.


   tit for tat


For a long time, pandit ramchandra ji was returning to his village with a sense of the vedas, shastras, and a study and a knowledge, when he passed by one of the fools on his way. When the people of the village saw his loose dhoti and a big sandalwood commentary, the chief came and asked, "are you a panditji?" yes, yes, I am a pandit." "Where are you coming from? The chief asked. "I come from kashi ji after studying the vedas and other scriptures and getting the complete knowledge and I am going to my house. "This means that you are a very learned and learned pundit." "Yes, of course, I am a very learned man at this time, and a wise man can interpret all the scriptures." Pandit ram chandra is the proud one He used to enlarge his chest. "Well, would you have a scripture meaning with the log pundit of our village?"

Why not why not. I am prepared to use any pandit of the world to interpret the scriptures. For a complete twenty - five years I have received the teaching of the scriptures in kashiji." The teacher said. "Our little pandit will talk to you on the condition that if you win in that competition, then all the religious books of our little pandit will be taken away and if lata pandit wins, you will have to give him all your books." " "Yes, yes I am granted this condition to you. I am willing to contest your knowledge with the latest pandit." At the same time the inhabitants of the stupid city said to his servant lata pandit. When he got ready and brought him before ramchandra, he first greeted the panditji. "Good afternoon," said the little pundit, laughing with his folded hands. Touch the scar... The repulsion... the car.. A car... Car... good afternoon! The pandit of kashi was silent and looked at the mouth of the pandit. They did not know what to answer. Then the learned men said, "if you have read this verse from kashi ji, first of all tell the meaning of the sloka - dum... dam... The butter took its food. "That makes no sense." Yoo say that you do not make sense.

Now you accept your defeat. You get lost, your own ha... ha... ha. The status quo The epic give it to me." "You have lost you have lost." As the public shouted, 'they lost,' they gave up, pandit ramchandra had to run away with his book. When he reached home, his fat - headed brother, seeing that his brother was very sad and sad. When he asked his brother the cause of his sadness, the pandit told him what had happened in the village of mrirukh. The fat - witted brother understood that even those fools could be won by talking not in their own language. Then he took his brother along with him, a big piece of sandalwood commentary on his forehead, a white dhoti, a white kurta, and went to the silly city. Seeing him come to the village, the villagers said the same thing again to him, "competition with the latta pandit." He had already come prepared for it. The same condition was laid with pandit gyan chandra that the loser would give his scriptures to the conqueror.

Once again the pandit came face to face and said, "good morning... Touch the side.. On the road... The hive... The goal... Car itself car.. He said to himself, "warm greetings. A trio.. A fast car... The car itself is a... car... A car... After the salutation, both the pandits took their books and sat down under the peepal tree. They were surrounded by villagers. "I am a brave man. The men said, "my brother, you are already khaia from where the first light broke... Poo go text kaiya.. God bless u... The latta pandit, hearing the voice of the learned pundit, broke into a silence. Hey you speak.. please speak.. Say something and say no ram ram hi... Why the latte pundit? Bring back all your books as soon as possible." Pandit gyan chandra ji, you turned out to be my guru. I was a fool of the village, but you also came out as my guru mahamoron.

Call it-: tit for tat.


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