Don't be too naive

Shobhraj was one of the leading lawyers of the town. Once their old servant had left for some reason, he thought of starting up a new one. He spoke to his friends about the idea of bringing some innocent, simple servants who worked for the house. The next day their friends brought a servant. That was called the bear. He was a bear of name and of work. The lawyer looked at him and said, look, bear! You have a torn dhoti - kurta, and I am going to give you a new uniform. Go inside and wear it." The bear was simple. For the first time he saw the pants, he didn 't know anything about the coat. Where all these clothes were used in his village. The pants. coat Turban.. He could not understand. Now it was the thing that doesn 't die. When he was forced to wear his clothes, he put his legs in the arms of the coat and thrust his legs into his arms, tied the donkey to his waist. As soon as the bear appeared before the lawyer, he laughed so loudly that the tea in his mouth fell out - ha... ha... ha... ha. On seeing the lawyer laughing, the bear asked, thoughtfully. Have we made a mistake?" we have not forgotten you but the bear who will not know that you are wise."

I 'm not a fool, Sir. We are the bear." "Whether you are a bear or a fool would make a difference. Go first take the pant of this arm on his legs and remove the coat from his legs and wear it over the kurta. "after a while, the bear changed his clothes and the lawyer said to him," you have to take care of the house and my office." "It 's up to you to turn away if someone chimes us or says evil." "Which is what you command the government! The bear is only in bondage." 'saying this, the bear lifted the sword which the lawyer drew, and hung it around his neck. The bear was a good honest obedient servant. Bakil served his entire service. He would be ready to act only on one of his instructions.

The advocate sahib was also very pleased with the bear 's work! He had first met such a servant, whenever he got a hint. One day when the brother - in - law came to see him, they said, "you have grown so big you forgot your souls." As soon as he heard them Shouting at him, saale, the man who had come, his blood boiled out of rage. He pulled his sword out of the mayan and struck it against his neck, but it fell away on the other side. "How can we abandon the fellow who abused our master?" he said," The lawyer understood that this was not the fault of the bear. He is a straight man. He has to be loyal to the owner. It is a sin in today 's world to be gullible.


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