a brain biggest than buffalo


Budhiram and mad ram were two brothers. Budhiram was the elder brother of those who had studied a little. My younger brother knew Sanskrit alone.
Yet he had nothing to call this wisdom. He had a good sense that he would accept whatever was said to him.

There was much love in the two brothers. The elder brother was married, but he was left to be counted. It was also a strange fact that it was on the day he was about to leave to take, that he had to do something very important about the budhuram 's business, that the greed for wealth sometimes strengthens man. This was the fate of budhiram. To take advantage of thousands of rupees. Now which of the two is left? That was the reason why the Buddha insisted on his intelligence and finally he came to the conclusion that "gouna can bring his brother, so that would be better." Pagalaram should be sent to take gauna and earn money himself. In this way two armies will be converted. 'after this the wise ram called rama, his younger brother, mad, and told him of all his plans, you know, brother, mad, ram. You must finish the task of visiting my in - laws and bringing cows. I earn money from the trader. But keep in mind that going to the in-laws' houses is not good enough to speak much. Just answer, yes or no, as soon as I ask you a question. That 's right brother in law. I shall do as you are commanded

I 'll say nothing more than yes and no.' he said and I got up. The two brothers set off to work. Rama 's father - in - law went and was surrounded by people in - laws. The villagers had come home to receive the guests and asked them to say, "brother. Well, is the people of your village and the people of your home?" Pagulram had been given the same order that you have to answer every question in yes or no.

So he quickly said, "ha... ha.. Everything is fine. Then they asked, "is there a sickness in the house, is your brother sick?" yes, yes. The mad man said. Are you giving him medicine? Are you sick? Yes, everyone was disappointed at the mad rama 's reply. He looked down at rama, and then asked, "is he expected to survive?"

There is no. After hearing this word from paghram 's mouth, everyone wept. Seeing him crying, the pagaram began to weep. Seeing pagaram weeping, he was convinced that there was no hope of his survival for the Gautama who was ill. I spent the whole day crying like this,
Day as soon as he got up in the morning pagaram was willing to bring her bhabhi the the girlfolk her
He said, "we can 't depart our daughter because we know that its
"The husband will not survive until he has left him." Hearing this reply, pagla ram came back from there. As soon as lonley came back to home then elder brother
He asked her, "why brother! I m not your sister in law
"How could she have taken her widow, my brother?" "What the hell are you saying is pagal ram? How can she be a widow when I am alive?" "do I know my brother! So I - every bit of that -
As per your command yes, no. I am answering.

He said, "are you sick?" I said to him," yes.
He said, "are you so sick?" I said so yes.
"There is no hope of being saved," he said. I've
I said no. It is a. Simply "the genius
Hitting hand on forehead and banging his head and
At the same time riding the horse reached the in-laws
I went and explained everything. Due to pagluram
Budhiram took the toll of what everyone had been suffering
I felt sorry. Seeing him alive everybody is very
They were pleased. The old men of the house said: wisdom
The big or the buffalo.
On hearing this, everyone laughed.


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